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Solved problems in Physics and Maths

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Speed of light
measured by Romer
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Dielectric constant
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Each page on the site contains a problem in Physics or Maths with a solution.
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The idea is to give some indication of the sorts of problems that you could meet on the fascinating journey that is science. After all, science is the bedrock of most of the technological widgets, gizmoes and gadgets today.
A mobile phone is a radio, operating at microwave frequencies, and with the support of a computer behind it.
Satellite systems - "SAT NAV" satellite navigation systems, OR "GPS" Global Positioning Systems work on the principle that a rocket can be launched with a satellite on top of it. At the appropriate distance from the earth 36, 000 kilometres in the case of a geostationary or parking orbit, the thing will orbit whilst keeping the same position above the earth. Excellent for communications systems, and the like.
As a taster to the sorts of things to be done in Physics and Maths, these problems are selected from O Level/A Level Physics, Degree level Physics GCSE Maths and A level maths.

To get some light relief into things, there's a classic self portrait by Rembrandt at the top of this page, and various other bits and pieces around the site. Science and maths can be very tough disciplines, and taking what some people call an "art sorbet" (a tea break) does help.
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